Portfolio – So You Want to Know if I’m Any Good?

Portfolio – So You Want to Know if I’m Any Good?

Marketing and Communications

I cut my teeth in retail and publishing marketing, writing product descriptions, responsive email marketing and fundraising campaigns, lobbying and fundraising presentations, book jacket copy, blogs, white papers, websites, social media campaigns, content marketing, editorial management, and more.  Some links below:

Content Marketing Blog: StarTrek.com 

Blog: Surviving Your First Ten Days in The Walking Dead: March to War

Press Release: #NoRA Statement on Santa Fe, Texas School Shooting

Email:  Book Release, Alyssa Milano

Email: Misha Collins Podcast Episode


Product Descriptions, Jacket Copy, Print Ads, and more in Issuu portfolio below.


Ghostwriting is an anonymous business, and I can’t show you most of that work. So how do you find out if I’m good at what I do?

Here are a few samples I’ve produced under my own name.


Saving Emma: A Daughter’s Life, A Father’s Powerlessness To Save It – WBUR’s Cognoscenti
When your sick kid becomes a sick adult – Boston Globe

Life Writing:

Muddling Through The Season Of Joy – WBUR’s Cognoscenti


The Seven Secret Discoveries, Horror, Page Turner Magazine

Love in the Cheap Seats, Fiction, The Penmen Review


MIT Researchers Read a Letter Without Opening It – The Boston Globe

More Pride in Pride – The Boston Globe

The bottom of the world rises to the top of social media – The Boston Globe

Politics and Policy:

Mass Shootings and the Mental Health Lie – Boston Globe
A Parkland Father, The Son Of A Suicide Victim And The Case For ‘Red Flag’ Laws In Mass – WBUR’s Cognoscenti
‘The Time Is Now.’ This New Coalition of Celebrities and Activists Just Pledged to Take on the NRA (Open Letter in Article)
The NRA’s Policies are Deadly for Women – The Hill
Primary Colors: Why Do Two Of America’s Whitest States Hold So Much Electoral Sway? – WBUR’s Cognoscenti

In addition to the writing itself, much of my ghostwriting receives major news coverage.  Here are some articles derived from my writing.  There’s quite a bit more, but that whole confidentiality thing…

Celebs including Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel launch anti-NRA campaign – The Hill
Hollywood Stars Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman Sign Letter Demanding Bank of America Revoke Loan to Remington Arms – Breitbart

For the Screen

This includes marketing for Star Trek Timelines and The Walking Dead: March to War mobile games, as well as comedy scripts for A Fowl American web series.

Ben Jackson Writer Demo Reel from Ben Jackson on Vimeo.